Van Security Locks/Shields are a must nowadays and should be put at the top of your list as van break ins are on the rise.

It appears some thieves are entering vehicles using a skeleton/coding key, available online for under £20. The tool is designed and used by locksmiths, but thieves are using it to gain entry to vans, particularly Ford Transits and Mercedes Sprinters.

Another technique amongst van thieves is the so-called ‘peel and steal’ where thieves use their body weight to peel the top of the side or rear door down to gain access.

Vanwagen Limited offer a wide range of Van Security Locks/Shields and offer free advice on any service or products listed below.

We install all security products inside our heated clutter free workshop located in Yaxley Peterborough.

Customers had travelled as far as London, Grantham and Boston to have work carried out, this has been by word of mouth and other customers telling people how we care and look after them.

Whilst your van is having work carried out, sit back relax with a cuppa in our heated/air-conditioned waiting area and watch some TV, or if you would like to catch up on some invoicing as we offer free Wi-Fi.

Once the final parts have been fitted to your vehicle, we air blow any metal filings from the areas that have had security products fitted, and weather permitting wash you vehicle afterwards.

We also talk you through the service and maintenance that is required for certain lock products, and if you are ever in the area and have Locks4vans locks fitted we will lube the lock barrels and mechanisms with PTFE spray F.O.C .

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