Vanwagen can help protect your cargo area by professionally installing a standard or upgraded van lining kit to your van.

This will help prolong the life of your commercial vehicle and can reduce maintenance and repair costs in the future.

Having a plywood lining kit fitted can also help reduce road noise and make your van more insulated.

Van lining is fitted to the interior of the load area of a vehicle, which can visually enhance and provide valuable protection when load movement occurs.

When an unsecured load movement occurs inside the load area, this can form a unsightly dent or crease in the vehicle’s exterior panels.

These are not only costly to repair but can also damage a vehicles residual value.

In today’s competitive markets your company image has never been more important.

The condition of your commercial vehicles can have a profound effect on the image your company portrays to your customers, which is another reason why fitting a lining kit to your vehicle should be at the top of your list.

we also offer a carpeting service which can be viewed on our website – all ply panels are covered in our luxury carpet using a well known branded bonding adhesive with various different colour selections available.

All plywood lining kits are fitted at you premises in Yaxley Peterborough, but we can also arrange to have single kits or fleet kits fitted or delivered nationwide.

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